Private yoga classes

Did you know that traditionally, yoga was only taught one-on-one ? One student, one teacher. This allowed the student to truly develop his practice and to benefit from a teaching which corresponded perfectly to his need. I offer customised classes, individual or in small group, in French and in English.

Beginners ?
Scared to go to your first yoga class in a studio ? We have all gone through this. An introductary session, one-on-one (or with a few curious friends!) will allow to discover the foundations of yoga, regarding both postures and basic breathing techniques, in a secure and calm environment. I will be glad to answer all your inquiries about yoga.

Looking into deepening your pratice ?
Group classes in studios allow to practice in a positive, vibrant group energy. However, if you wish to deepen your practice, or to develop your self practice, individual classes will help you to go further. With classes specifically tailored to your needs, we will work together to move your practice to a new level. I will also help you to build, step by step, your self practice to enjoy the benefits of yoga on a daily basis.

Athletes looking for a gentle practice for their body ?
I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2014, so I am well aware that every sport can result in small injuries, aches, imbalances or stiffness. That is why I offer you to work in specific ways to give you more flexibilty but also to strengthen your core (abdominal and back muscles) in order to improve your sporting achievements and to limit the risk of injuries.

You suffer from an injury or chronic pain ?
When we are in pain, it is often difficult to take group classes which won’t be adapted. Nevertheless, yoga can help you and it would be a shame to do without. To develop a secure practice, we will assess together the best approach for you to enjoy the benefits of yoga.


1 class (1) 70€ +10€/additional person
Book of 10 classes (1)(2) 630€

(1) valid for one person
(2) valid for 3 months